A Hero's Welcome

The news had gotten into town
Villagers felt so depressed and down
Someone had kidnapped their princess fair
And took her far away from there

The moon was full, the stars were bright
A man approached into the night
A warrior on a galloping stallion
With armor, helmet, sword, medallion

Into the forest, the warrior rode
Trailed the paths the moonlight showed
Armed for battle, ready to fight
He’ll save the poor princess tonight

At last he reached the rival’s cave
And there he was so strong and brave
Finally the princess was free to roam
Now it was time to take the princess home

The princess was beautiful in his eyes
But he knew he’d soon come to goodbyes
When he reached the castle, he laid her there
Asleep was the princess, sweet and fair…

…And without a word to say
He rode his horse and galloped away.

The next morning when the princess woke
About her hero, she never spoke
She knew well enough who the man could be
It was one whom she considered an enemy

The warrior was one she didn’t like
His eyes were as sharp as a lightning strike
His heart was as cold as solid ice
And his mouth was a bad and cruel device

She didn’t want to be near him so
He was the hero but she wants no one to know
She knows this man was brutal and tough
And she hates him so much more than enough

The gallant warrior had gone away
He knew the princess did not want him to stay
He wanted the princess safe and nothing more
For he knew he’ll never have the hero’s welcome…
…He had always longed for


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