Don’t look back when you step out the door
Don’t call for me – you’re not mine anymore
Don’t ask me questions; don’t ask me why
Why we had to part, why we had to say goodbye
Sometimes your gain will soon be your loss
We have to part ways, because…

I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to break your heart
I’m sorry, but we really have to part
I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m sorry it has to be this way
Please understand, I really want you to stay
But my heart will not always be my boss
We have to end this, because…

I can’t tell you why I have to let you go
I can’t tell you why this will have to be so
I can’t tell you, I can’t explain
It’s better this way – you’ll soon forget the pain
Just leave me without a moment’s pause
And don’t come back, because…

Because I don’t want you to see the pain I’m in
Because I don’t want you to feel such sorrow within
Because I’m dying and it will be too much for you
I just hope you know that my love for you is true

I don’t want this to happen but I accept that it will
You’ll have to go on, you have goals to fulfill
I wish you’d forgive me for my mistakes and my flaws
Forgive me for leaving you like this, because…


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