I suppose you must be satisfied
I’ve been telling you – well I tried
You wouldn’t listen though you could hear
You just thought you’d be glad when she’s not near

You blew it away when you had the chance
Well, you had your fun; you had your dance
When you should have loved her just as I said
But what you did, you hurt her instead

She’s never done anything wrong to you
You took advantage of that and did what you do
You’ve taught her to dislike the beast that you are
She was innocent – it was you who started the war

You hurt her too much when she gets in your way
And now that she’s mad, she wants you to pay
You deserved the revenge she’s made on you
Still you didn’t apologize when I told you to

Your ego doesn’t want her to win the war
Your pride still wants you to be the superstar
You got your wish when you made her drop
Now, she’s at the bottom, you’re at the top

You wouldn’t listen to me; no – you want your way
But there was something in what I have to say
If only you paid importance to your heart
You wouldn’t have been so torn apart

You’re afraid to love because of the past
So these feelings for her, you tried to get rid of fast
But that’s a stupid reason to hurt her so
She was right before you and you let her go

My man, I know it hurts so much
Now you long to feel her gentle touch
But it would have been better if only you tried
She’s flown up to Heaven – I suppose you’re satisfied


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