They play games and put up pretenses
Anything to believe everything’s fine
Not knowing what they have hurt and destroyed
Blind to the bloody sign

All seems well in their eyes
But the smile on their lips are piercing
Everything is not fine at all
But the truth is not that much convincing

And they go on with their silly games
Not knowing of the dreams they shatter
Not listening to the words that are painfully said
And the things that really matter

They drain a soul so quickly
A soul that has dreams too
They forget that tears are more than water
And that hearts can be withered and blue

And they meet Hate eye to eye
And glanced at the pain within it
Then they take it as a dream
And forget the heart they’ve hit

And they look up and realize
As from the ceiling hangs the rope
That all was finally lost
Love, life, and hope


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