Flatter Me

Flatter me with your words
Your sweet but sad words

Tell me how you fell
How you fell in love with me

Flatter me with your anger
At the thought that I’m with someone else
That someone, who was your bestfriend

Flatter me slow and flatter me deep
It matters not – I cannot feel it
I gained an admirer and lost a friend
So flatter me real and flatter me true
While I grieve at the loss of you

Flatter me with your smile
Your sad and lonely smile
Speak to me like a friend
But it’s all so different now, isn’t it?

What has changed?
Your feelings
What has changed?

While I fell, helplessly, for him
You, a dear friend of mine,
And believed
That I did it on purpose
What for?
To hurt you?

So flatter me with your anger
Flatter me with your pain
And the fake smile you maintain
And the accusing words
You throw at me
For hurting you

I understand
You’re too hurt to see
That while you bleed
I’m wounded too

Just because I have him
Doesn’t mean
I don’t feel the loss of you

So flatter me real
With the depth of your fall
You’ve fallen for me
And I’m not flattered at all


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