Hit Me With Your Anger

Is it clear to you now?
Have I finally hit the core?
No matter how much you yell at me
Scream at me
Your words are no more

I lost respect in you
And that was years ago
Open up your eyes, dammit!
Don’t you get it?
There’s a lot you failed to know

Don’t you dare demand fear
I’m not afraid of you no more
I’ll defy you by standing tall
Don’t care how far I fall
I’m just not the angel I was before

Hit me with your anger
Hit me with your pride
The violence make me dizzy
But I’ll never step aside

Blow me with your fury
Blow me with your might
I don’t care about the bruises
I’m not giving up the fight

So you ask for forgiveness
Sorry, no can do
You’ve hit me far too deep
Too much scars to keep
I could die just hating you

I’ll bleed to death just defying you

There’s nothing else I can do –
I’m scarred for life because of you



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