My Tight Protective Wall

It’s a bit absurd
It’s a bit unreal
I’m not even certain
Of what I think I feel
Have I felt like this before?
I can’t even tell
It feels like you have shaken
My tight protective shell

I wonder how you did it
Didn’t know it could be done
The emotions deep inside me
Are saying you’re the one
And I feel so excited
I’ve never felt this way
My tight protective wall
Is not that strong today

Should I go and tell you
I’m dying to let you know
But would my tight protective wall
Simply let me go?
Now I’m not so certain
To tell you what I feel
If I just let it out
It might cease to be real

Amidst my darker feelings
Of anger, hurt, and hate
Would this new emotion
Survive and never fade?
If today I say I love you
If today I say I care
I wonder for tomorrow
Would this feeling still be there?

My tight protective wall
Keeps me dark and cold
And feelings that are gentle
Are very hard to hold
I guess that’s who I am
I’m not capable of love
This feeling’s just a phase
I’m not even worthy of

If only you’d look closer
Into my eyes and see
Then I won’t have to say
How much you mean to me
I won’t have to speak then
Won’t do anything at all
It’s all up to you
Against my tight protective wall

Please figure it out sooner
Before it slips away
I don’t care if you don’t like me
Or what you have to say
At least you have witnessed
That for a moment I could feel
Before my tight protective wall
– My worst enemy of all
Keeps me far away
From everything that’s real


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