I stand still outside myself
Watching me watching you
And no one can see how much I bleed
But me

I reach out to myself
As I fall apart at the loss of you
But no one knows that I lost you
Not even you

I had to show you what I feel
And at the same time, keep my distance
For your sake

My feelings are secondary
And I watch myself set it all aside
Numb and empty
Hoping nothing
Wishing nothing
Doubting everything

In the dark,
Enveloped in pain
I smile
Just because I was right all along

I knew
Just by your smile
And the look in your eyes
That you belong to no one but her

Let me turn away
Let me let you go
Tell me
You don’t need me anymore

But she’s gone
And you’ve got no one else but me
Or do you?

And your smile
And the look in your eyes
Tell me
That you need me

So I shall simply comply

While I watch myself break my heart in two


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