Here I am
Frozen in time and space
Wondering what to do next
What’s right
What’s not
When all I end up doing
Is what I want
Even though I know
It would tear me apart

Here I am
Frozen in time and space
Listening to your voice
As you sing beside me
Who are you singing to?
No one but yourself?
still, at the back of my mind
I watch you
I listen to you
And feel my heart break
To the tune of your song

I’m trying my best
To take care of you
You’re so vulnerable
So fragile
But I wonder
If I embrace you
Will it change anything?

I go home and leave you
I am alone and I feel empty
And the radio plays
The song you sang
I can’t forget you
I don’t even try

You know
I’ll be here if you need me
And I’ll take care of you
Even if it breaks my heart


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