Cry With You

Everyone and everything
Swirls around me
Everyone and everything
Is all against me
My pain, my suffering
Is driving me crazy
My pain, my suffering…
Everything is hazy
I’ve lost the thought
Of a happy world
It was all about me
Me against the world
As everything around me
Merely swirled

And you
You and your bright smiles
You and your hope
You and your dreams
Of happily-ever-after things
Made me think
You must be crazy.

While I rebelled against the world
You were full of unfounded hope
While I stare daggers at the enemy
You gave them your brightest smiles
While I bleed to comfort me
…While I scream for my identity
…While I succumb to apathy
You sacrificed a gentle act of kindness
In the hopes that things will be alright
That the future will be bright
You gave everything
For a simple happy ending

But where are you now?
Where was the hopefulness of yesterday?
Things will always turn sour
And dreams will always stray
When your eyes are finally opened
To the harsh reality of today
You lose nothing
But your spirit

It hurts to know
That I will never be happy again
But it hurts so much more
To see the light in you

I am alright
I can cope with the cruel truth
But you,
Who believed in happily-ever-after things
And the brightness the future brings
And the hope of fulfilled dreams

So where are you now?
Amidst the bitterness of your tears
where are your smiles?
Replaced by merciless fears
Where was your hope?
Gone with the wind
Truth has just sinned
Against you
And I cannot forgive it

Who is to protect you now?
From the brutal realizations
That things will never be okay

You cry
Because the world is unfair
You cry
For the truth you couldn’t bear
You cry
And from a distance
While I appear to be strong
While I act like nothing’s really wrong
I cry too
I cry with you.

I cry
Because the world has just sinned against you
And I cannot forgive it.


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