I fought to give you an example
Of the strength I wanted you to have
The weakness of your smile kept me wishing
You had been more happy than sad
I tried to forget the times they’ve hurt you
Tried to remember the smiles you’ve shown
And everytime you’re pushed to the limits
I tried to tell you you’re not alone

Now you’ve gone to greener pastures
I’m so happy that you’ve moved on
Ever so touched by the way you admire me
And I forget I’m on my own
I’m so glad I’ve managed to teach you something
I’m so glad you look up to me
I’ll always try to be your angel
Just be the best that you can be

Things are different here without you
It’s gotten a little dimmer now
It’s lonely just knowing I miss you
Wishing you’d be here somehow
I’ll always try to protect you
I’ll always try to keep you strong
And even if I’m lost without you
I’m extremely proud that you’ve moved on


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