Come Home

I watch your back as you walk away from me
Into the distant dark you go
I could still feel the warmth of your embrace
Moments ago

You give the final wave from afar
I wave back with a smile
But my heart is clenched with the thought
That you’d be leaving again for a while

I stand alone and cold
On the ground where we used to stand
Where we used to laugh and cry and kiss
Holding hands

The pain of letting you go
And the joy of seeing you again
Will keep me waiting for your return
Which I know not when

Go out into the world and live
As I stay here in my own reality
Believing in that one day when
You’ll come home and return to me

I believe in our forever
And that’s why I shall be strong
So you can run into my arms
And see my smile when you come home

Because I’ll be waiting,
When you come home.

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