Fatal Flame

I open my eyes
But I see the dark
The colors are dim
And my heart won’t spark
Then you came so sudden
I was caught unaware
By your alluring fire
With the enticing glare

And without thinking
I’m hooked to your flame
That beautiful blaze
That drives me insane
Will you keep the fire burning?
Can’t even guess
And in that instant
I became a mess

Do I miss the darkness?
Do I hate the light?
If you leave, I will tremble
But I will not fight
I’ll go back to the dark
That I know so well
That has been with me through
The times that I fell

And covered in darkness
I will reminisce
Your warm embrace
Your addictive kiss
And helplessly wonder
What’s in your head
Would you ever say the words
You never said?

But the fire still burns
And the flames are hot
So what am I to you?
What am I not?
Is the fire just a fire
That will someday
Begin to flicker
And fade away?

My wounds are deep
Will you make them worse?
Are you a cure
Or are you a curse?
Is this for certain
Or a fiery game?
Is this a warmth that heals
Or a fatal flame?

(Either way, I will never be the same
For I’ll be cured by the warmth of the fire
Or cursed by the scars of the flame)


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