Demonic Angel

So your kiss is poison
Your touch is fire
Prey devoured
In cursed desire
But seek no victory
For no demon could
Defeat the angel
Who never would
Give up the breathless…
From the enchanting beauty of your hell

So your claws are sharp
Your grip is tight
But the angel won’t
Give up the fight
And demon, you
Cannot ignore
The angel’s wings
That wouldn’t soar
She wouldn’t leave…
Or believe…
She’s lost
Would you keep on fighting, or retract your claws?

So you couldn’t see
What she sees in you
Those moments when
You’re an angel too
Your kiss may be poison
Your touch may be fire
But the strength of your character
Can also inspire
So demon, stop…
Give up…
And take the fall
Demonic angel, you’re no demon at all.


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