The Voices

You know it, deep inside you do
Not just your heart, your mind is broken too
The Voices are loud inside your head
You tell them “Stop!” but they get noisier instead

The Stranger smiles and promises the Light
You take a pause – there’s just no light in sight
The Voices say, “Trust only what you see.”
But the Stranger’s words are as beautiful as can be

The Stranger speaks softly in your ear
“Those Voices give you Darkness, give you Fear.”
So you try to run, but the Voices in your head
They stay with you everywhere you tread

The Stranger holds your hand and starts to lead
You think that maybe that’s exactly what you need
In the dark, you are hopeful but you are blind
“There is no Light,” say the Voices in your mind

“You make me glad,” the Stranger says to you
And you smile because you know it to be true
But the moment you start to shed a tear
The Stranger stops and begins to disappear

You hide the tears to make the Stranger stay
You want the Light and he can lead the way
But the Voices say, “Let him go.
The Light is not for you, you know.”

But the tears you hide, they fall somehow
So the Stranger starts to leave you now
“You are broken, that is why.”
The Stranger tells you with a sigh

The Voices are the Darkness that you dread
But is it Light you want, or is it Truth instead?
You know it, deep inside you do
The Voices speak the Truth of you



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