I weep
For I will
Always love you

That you kill
My soul

In your eyes
And your smile
I see demons

I stand weak
All the while
Never whole

Must I
Go this far
To defeat you?

So you’ll see
That you are
Not a god

All the acts
You have made
I must punish

Watch me now
As my blade
Draws your blood

Don’t you speak
Don’t say “Sorry”

That word
Makes you weak
Makes you lie

Your sins
Against me
Are forgiven now

As I
Say goodbye

Your last breath
Is it painful?

Certain death
With a smile

You are worthy
There is heaven

And if not
Don’t you worry
Hell’s your style

And I weep
For I will
Always love you

It’s a burden
I can’t kill
Or ignore

And I am
Tainted of
This crime now

But I have
Learned to love
Myself more


Do No Harm

I succumb to tears
At your lonely eyes
As they slowly close
The doors to life

Your flesh is warm
But my heart is cold
As the glimmering blade
Of the knife I hold

I fear for you
I’m fearing you
And the malignance of
The things you do

Forgive me friend
But I’ve chosen now
To end the darkness
In you, somehow

With trembling hands
I take this task
Because a better world
Is all I ask

And from my mirror
You look back at me
And witness how
We’ll soon be free

With the rushing blood
That’s strangely warm
And the promise that I
Shall do no more harm

I succumb to tears
And these lonely eyes
Shall slowly close
The doors to life

Cold Blue Eyes

Don’t look at me
With those cold blue eyes
Don’t condemn me
With your stare
I wept right beside you
But you weren’t there
You weren’t there

I touched your skin
And I couldn’t feel your warmth
I touched your face
Your lips, your hair
You have been so selfish
You have been unfair
Life’s unfair

I can see nothing
In those cold blue eyes
Just my reflection
Looking back at me
Did you blame me
For the pain you felt?
Is that why you look at me that way?

I weep quietly
I feel so alone
Would you ever know
That I truly cared?
You tear me apart
Just by your stare
Just by your stare

Haunt me
Haunt me forever
With your cold blue lifeless eyes

There Could Have Been

All is lost
I am ready
But the guilt in your eyes
Makes me falter

It has been done
I am bleeding
But the trembling of your hands
Makes me hope

The knife that you held
The blood that you drew from me
Is not pain
But freedom

Yet in your eyes
Are tears
Where was the hatred
That I saw a moment ago?

It can’t be mended
You and I
That was what I thought
Until I saw you cry

You called my name
And said sorry
There was too much regret in you
Far too much

I love you
And I don’t want to meet you
In the place where I’m going…

…All is lost
I am ready
But the guilt in your eyes
And the gentle way you held me
As I lay under death’s mercy

I thought
There could have been a chance

There could have been…


They play games and put up pretenses
Anything to believe everything’s fine
Not knowing what they have hurt and destroyed
Blind to the bloody sign

All seems well in their eyes
But the smile on their lips are piercing
Everything is not fine at all
But the truth is not that much convincing

And they go on with their silly games
Not knowing of the dreams they shatter
Not listening to the words that are painfully said
And the things that really matter

They drain a soul so quickly
A soul that has dreams too
They forget that tears are more than water
And that hearts can be withered and blue

And they meet Hate eye to eye
And glanced at the pain within it
Then they take it as a dream
And forget the heart they’ve hit

And they look up and realize
As from the ceiling hangs the rope
That all was finally lost
Love, life, and hope

Battlefield Thoughts

When I look into your blood-thirsty eyes,
I can see that you are lonely.

You swing your blade with pride,
but still I see that all you want is to go back home.

To go back to your wife and children.

To tell them about your bravery
– a happy story at bedtime.

To kiss them goodnight and look at them sleeping peacefully
forgetting that fearful dream of your bloody death
that used to haunt them while you were gone.

You see, I have the same feeling.

But as you might see your family again,
mine will live on without me.

My wounds are fatal.

The funny thing is,
the blood from my wounds
is the blood that drips from your blade.

I Remember

I remember your laughter and I remember your smile
I remember your fragrance and your elegant style
I remember your love, which you declared true
And I remember how much I loved you

I remember your touch and your gentle caress
I remember your cheer and your sweet happiness
I remember your concern and I remember your care
And I remember that you’ve always been there

I remember the friendship we’ve shared for years
I remember the hurt and I remember the tears
I remember the sadness, which showed in your face
And I remember all too well the hospital place

I remember the time when you became ill
I remember how you swallowed each pill
I remember your weakness when you tried to be strong
And I remember my tears when I cried for so long

I remember your gasps and I remember your sighs
And I remember your face when you closed your eyes
I remember the moment you took your last breath
I remember your life and I remember your death