I weep
For I will
Always love you

That you kill
My soul

In your eyes
And your smile
I see demons

I stand weak
All the while
Never whole

Must I
Go this far
To defeat you?

So you’ll see
That you are
Not a god

All the acts
You have made
I must punish

Watch me now
As my blade
Draws your blood

Don’t you speak
Don’t say “Sorry”

That word
Makes you weak
Makes you lie

Your sins
Against me
Are forgiven now

As I
Say goodbye

Your last breath
Is it painful?

Certain death
With a smile

You are worthy
There is heaven

And if not
Don’t you worry
Hell’s your style

And I weep
For I will
Always love you

It’s a burden
I can’t kill
Or ignore

And I am
Tainted of
This crime now

But I have
Learned to love
Myself more



There must be some kind of bond

Between the two of us

But I can’t tell what kind it is

I’m sure it isn’t trust

At times I’d think the world of you

At times I’d wish you hell

And you never really cared for me

Though at times you wish me well

And the more you are around me so

The more I become like you

And it’s pain enough that I feel just

As worthless as you do

You treat me like you would a toy

And at times I’d like it so

But the false attention only makes

My worthless feeling grow

You’ve driven me so many times

To countless tears before

I’ve always known you’re bad for me

Yet I’ve always wanted more

Soon it’s time for you to go

Soon I will be free

It’s time to break these harmful chains

That’s linking you and me


Lie to me
Don’t treat me fair
Show disgust
Show you don’t care

Look at me
With killing eyes
That hide the truth
Behind the lies

I’m not afraid
Because I know
Of things that you
Would never show

So speak to me
With cruel words
Than say gentle ones
That sound absurd

Words like love
You’ll never say
It’s funny how
You’re made that way

It’s so insane
I see through you
But I won’t say
I love you too

‘Til you’re man enough
To show what’s true
I’ll keep my truth
Hidden too

This little game
Is fun to play
But give up first
Or I’ll go away

Stay that way…
Keep me at bay…
With this game you play…
And I’ll go away.

There Could Have Been

All is lost
I am ready
But the guilt in your eyes
Makes me falter

It has been done
I am bleeding
But the trembling of your hands
Makes me hope

The knife that you held
The blood that you drew from me
Is not pain
But freedom

Yet in your eyes
Are tears
Where was the hatred
That I saw a moment ago?

It can’t be mended
You and I
That was what I thought
Until I saw you cry

You called my name
And said sorry
There was too much regret in you
Far too much

I love you
And I don’t want to meet you
In the place where I’m going…

…All is lost
I am ready
But the guilt in your eyes
And the gentle way you held me
As I lay under death’s mercy

I thought
There could have been a chance

There could have been…


He hates her
Yet he misses her when she’s gone

He accuses her
Yet he forgives her wrong things done

He wants her far away
Yet he’s afraid to set her free

He smiles when she’s in trouble
Yet he gives her security

He plans to make her cry
Yet he longs to hear her laughter

He always sends her fleeing
Yet he goes running to her right after

He meets with other girls
Yet he can’t stop thinking of her

He hates her more than anything
Yet he can do nothing else but love her


I suppose you must be satisfied
I’ve been telling you – well I tried
You wouldn’t listen though you could hear
You just thought you’d be glad when she’s not near

You blew it away when you had the chance
Well, you had your fun; you had your dance
When you should have loved her just as I said
But what you did, you hurt her instead

She’s never done anything wrong to you
You took advantage of that and did what you do
You’ve taught her to dislike the beast that you are
She was innocent – it was you who started the war

You hurt her too much when she gets in your way
And now that she’s mad, she wants you to pay
You deserved the revenge she’s made on you
Still you didn’t apologize when I told you to

Your ego doesn’t want her to win the war
Your pride still wants you to be the superstar
You got your wish when you made her drop
Now, she’s at the bottom, you’re at the top

You wouldn’t listen to me; no – you want your way
But there was something in what I have to say
If only you paid importance to your heart
You wouldn’t have been so torn apart

You’re afraid to love because of the past
So these feelings for her, you tried to get rid of fast
But that’s a stupid reason to hurt her so
She was right before you and you let her go

My man, I know it hurts so much
Now you long to feel her gentle touch
But it would have been better if only you tried
She’s flown up to Heaven – I suppose you’re satisfied

My Revenge

What a sweet fake person you are
Always wanting to be the star
You’ve hurt me a lot and brought down my guard
But I swear my revenge will hit you hard

Your innocent looks may do the tricks
But just you wait as the bomb ticks
You’ve always been guilty and I’ll blow you away
My revenge will be sweet and coming someday

Your beautiful face and dazzling smile
Could probably take my breath for a while
But it’s fact that you’ve hurt my pride and dignity
I’ll have my revenge, just wait and see

I know I was always hurting you bad
When I’m around you’ve never been glad
But still I don’t want you to stand on your feet
And my revenge will be very sweet

I’ve done more wrong to you from the top
But what I hate is that you don’t give up
And because of that I’ll make you pay
I’ll have my revenge every bitter way

We both know I’m better than you are
Sorry if I’ve always won the war
But still the same, I’ll make you pay
I’ll have my revenge… but what for, anyway?

Seeing your painfully attractive face
Your beauty, your self, I want to embrace
I’m under your spell and that’s what I hate
Cuz that’s what makes my revenge come so late

Maybe we’d better stop this stupid game
I’m wild, I know, but you’ve made me tame
Forget my revenge, I know it won’t come
Forgive me for being so stupid and dumb

But still you’re guilty – you just don’t know it at all
You’re guilty of stealing and making me fall
I fell for you and that’s your work of art
And yes, you’re guilty of stealing my heart