Here I am
Thinking of you
Wondering how long
Till this ends
Waiting in pain
For you to realize
That I’m not the one
I’m just someone
Meant to be with you
For a moment of your life
And a moment of mine

Are you thinking of forever,
I wonder?
Are you thinking of a future
For us?
Are you thinking
“Will this last?”
While I ask
“Will it really?”
Damn, I love you dearly
But I’m going crazy
Because I know
That part of you
Belongs to her alone
And that part of you she owns
Is a part of you
That will always be drawn to her
Always come back to her
Because she
Is a part of you
And I can’t compete with that

So here I am
Thinking of you
Wondering if I should say
How I’m feeling
What I’m feeling
Why I’m feeling this way
But you don’t need to know
What is happening to me
Either way, I’m alright
No matter how much I cry tonight
I’ll be fine
Because today
You are mine
But tomorrow
The sun doesn’t have to shine
I don’t mind at all
I’ve already built a special wall
Just to protect me
So you see
You don’t have to be
So worried over me
I know
You’d never want to hurt me so
As I know
Your feelings are not yours to control
It’s not your fault
If you end up knowing
You still love her after all
You may leave me anytime
I’ll be perfectly fine
Because for a moment
You were mine.

And so.
Here I am.
Thinking of you.